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Discover Japanese Anti-Aging Skincare: Reverse Aging Signs with Timeless Radiance - Amino Acid & Anti-Oxidant Skincare

XTRUE BLUE Line - Complete Skincare Set



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Benefits of Using a Complete Skincare Regimen

Each item in our series is formulated with a high concentration of high-quality beauty ingredients. This ensures that your skin receives consistent care at every routine step, from cleansing to moisturizing.

Maximizing Your Skincare Routine

Using the full range of products can enhance effectiveness compared to using single products from different lines. The continuous and complementary application helps maintain the balance of beauty ingredients on your skin, providing optimal care.



The 5-item skincare set of our cherished skincare line is infused with the power of "natural dissolved yeast extract" enriched with "amino acids" and "proteoglycan." Enhanced with the antioxidant prowess of oryzanol, this formula is designed to rejuvenate skin cells and illuminate your complexion.

This comprehensive set elevates your daily skincare from the refreshing start of your day to the nourishing end of your night. With daily use, experience a transformation to more moisturized, resilient, and evenly pigmented skin.

Set I: 5 items Set (Watery Essence ver.)

XTRUE Blue Clear Oil Prem, Spumy Essence, Milky Essence, Watery Essence, and Creamy Essence

Set II: 5 items Set (Aqualy Essence ver.) 

XTRUE Blue Clear Oil Prem, Spumy Essence, Milky Essence, Aqualy Essence (thicker texture than Watery Essence), and Creamy Essence